Get Live Help Anywhere, Anytime!

ibiLive is built from our network of people who share no personal information and who can connect in real time. Our revolutionary algorithm will source out other users within our database that can best meet your needs. As users, you have the ability to both publish a post to offer a service via live video link or to manually search for one. As well as this, users can send a crowd request for a connection in any location of their choice.

You can use it as individual or as a business. For instance, if you are cooking a roast dinner for your partner's parents and you cannot afford for anything to go wrong after the disaster that was Christmas, then ibiLive is the platform for you!!! You are able to search for someone to help you live or post the task, assign it a picture, title, description and location if appropriate. Other users can then interact with you by starting a chat or live video stream. From here you will be able to receive all the hints and tips on how to serve up the ultimate Sunday roast.

Play Watch Video

Live Video

ibilive is a flexible platform that allow users to share their expertise and advice using our live video chat functionality or by our standard chat feature.

Live Video

Control what you share

Both video and audio can be disabled on either side by our users. The connections are not recorded anywhere, unless the requester is a business user and requires a copy of what is being filmed. In this case there will be a warning on the request notification. Only the personal information you chose will be shared with other users. Your real name and contact details won't be shared.

A network of problem solvers

At ibiLive we are all about building a community of problems solvers for each of our users. With this in mind, after a successful call or chat between users, you have the ability to add a service provider into your own personal network. This ensures long lasting connections so you are able to contact each other directly in future.

Discovery Feed

This is the hub of the app, both requesting and offering help can be accessed through our Discovery feed. Within this page, you will be able to scroll or see in grid view all active posts from users who share the same languages as you.


Create posts for free

Using a picture, title, description and a location you can create and tailor your own posts for free. If necessary you can choose to disclose the precise location of where you need help or are offering a service. Posts can be made available instantly or schedule for a specific time and can last a few hours or all day. Connecting with a person or a business who has published a post is as easy as pressing "send request".

Search and filtering

Search lets you to find posts easily by keywords or tags as well as searching for a specific service provider directly. The filters allow you to refine and sort the search results, including by location. To make it easier to navigate the feed there is an option to switch into a grid view.

Location-based Requests

Requests can be refined to a specific location circumference. You can see users location, anonymously, on a map and send request for a live connection to ask for information or help that may be specific to that location.


Exactly where you need it

Using the map view simply position the pin in the location of interest or type a specific address, then select a radius ranging from 1 to 500 miles and all users in that range will receive a notification from you with your request.

You can also receive geo-location based requests from other users who might need your help where you are. This functionality is perfect for when there is 'a the next big event' and you just can't make it. Thanks to ibiLive and other users you don't have to miss out. You can see the event first hand.

Get Paid For Your Time

At ibiLive, we encourage collaborative problem services where our connections lead to knowledge sharing and longer lasting relationships. However we are aware that time is a precious commodity in today's day and age. The basket feature allows you as a provider of a service, to charge for your time and expertise.


Easy to use basket

During a live video connection user who has accepted a service request can create a basket, adding details for all the services that will be delivered. The customer then has the option to approve the basket and the payment will be processed at the end of the call. Payment options include PayPal or any major credit/debit card.

ibiLive gives you the power to add another revenue stream to your life, earning money from the comfort of your home or on your lunch break.

Additional Features

  • You create a profile sharing only the info you want
  • You real name and email will never be shared
  • Total privacy for individual users, if desired
  • You can add reference links (web pages or Youtube) to your profile
  • Business users need to be verified and approved
  • You can write reviews and report abuse about a service provider