FAQs for customers

1. What is ibiLive?

ibiLive is a platform that allows people around the world to interact with each other via real-time video and chat and seek or receive help and assistance, in total privacy, based on location or expertise. The connections are free but an ad-hoc payment can be negotiated and agreed between the parties for services provided remotely. The payment is integrated within the app itself. Businesses can use the platform to connect live to new or existing customers or to send crowd requests for a job needed in a specific location.

2. Why would I use it?

As a customer you might need live and interactive assistance for a problem that can be resolved remotely without paying for someone to come to your home, unless necessary or without you going anywhere. For example a plumber, a computer expert or help with setting up a new home-theatre system, a new cooking recipe, school homework or even a real translator, etc. Or you might want to access service providers from anywhere in the world either for free or for a better price, checking their independent reviews from other users. You can use the app also for live social interactions in total privacy.

On the other side, if you are an expert on something, you can use our app to provide help or services remotely, eventually charging for them, thus using ibiLive as an extra source of income from the comfort of your home or office.

3. Can’t I just use Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime?

You can, in case you have the phone number or a user id of someone who can help, ie if that person is in your contacts already. ibiLive works without the need of sharing telephone numbers or id. You respond to public posts or send location-based requests.

4. Can I use it as a business?

Yes. You can register as a business user to promote yourself and your services. The main difference relative to individual registrations are: business users need to provide more details, need to be verified and approved; only a business user can send a request for a video to be recorded. Those receiving these requests will know the video is being recorded. After the connection ends, the business user can ask ibiLive admin for a copy of the video: this will be checked and only if it abides by our privacy rules and by the law it will be sent to the business users.

5. How about Privacy?

As an individual, the only things that are always shared about you are a nickname (of your choice) and a picture (of your choice). You can choose to share also your age, your gender, your city, your profession and some reference links and tags that are searchable. Your real name, your telephone number and your email address will never be shared with other users.

Live videos among individuals can never be recorded and cannot be shared. If a business user requests for a video to be saved (to be used for example for news), then you will be informed before accepting. The video itself will only be shared with the business requesting it after we from ibiLive check it and vet it. If we have doubts we might contact you to ask your permission before sharing it. You can always negotiate a different price for providing a service with a recorded video.

6. How does it work?

The homepage of the app is a Discovery page, where you can scroll posts published by other users. You will only see the posts of those who match your languages preferences, if you have expressed them, otherwise you will see them all. You can search for something you are interested in, like location, a specific service or anything which is part of the public profile of other users with active posts. Once you have chosen a post, you can press a button and send a request for connection to the person or business who published it. You can also check the location of the service on a map if the publisher has chosen to make it public. You have to set a time limit for your request to be accepted and can type an optional message. Once the request is accepted, you can either chat or initiate a live video. The connection is free. The video and the audio can be disabled on either side. You can swap small and large screen images by touching the small inset screen.

During the live video, a customer can agree a service and a price with the service provider, who can create a basket for you to approve. You will only pay for what you have agreed to. If the other party does not deliver the service you can report the abuse and the payment will be stopped. At the end of the connection, you can rate and review the service provider and you can add him or her to “your network”so that you can contact him or her directly in the future without going via a post.

In the Discovery page, you can create for free your own post by pressing the button +. You need to choose a picture for the post, write a title, a description and a location. You can choose to disclose the precise location if important for what you are offering. You can also choose the time validity of your post: it can active only for a few hours or day, a daily recurrent range or 24/7 until you delete it.

In the second page, called Map, you can create a geo-location based crowd request to all users who are in an area of your choice. By selecting a location on the map or by typing it, you can set a radius around it and ask for a live connection all users who happen to be in the range set by yourself, from as little as 1 mile up to 500 miles from the place selected on the map.

At the same time, you can receive crowd requests for connection in the area where you currently are. You are free to accept or reject them or decide at a later time.

The third way to send a request is via your network list. This includes all those service providers that you have previously used and added to your network. You can send a request for connection directly to one of them with an optional message.

As well as making requests, every user can receive them in 3 ways: from a post published, via a location based crowd request or from someone who added the user to his or her network. These will be shown as notifications but can be viewed and managed in the page “My requests”where they are classified based on their origin. Finally, in the page “My posts”you can manage your posts, which can be multiple: you can make them active or inactive, edit or delete them.

After sending out a request, you can cancel it by going in the left side menu and pressing “My requests”.

7. How do payments and credits work?

When a connection is established there is no payment, everything is free. During the live video connection though, the user who has accepted a service request (only) can create a “basket” of services to be delivered, after possibly negotiating with the user requesting it. Once a basked has been created with a price, it can be submitted for approval by the “customer”. If the approval is granted a payment will be taken at the end of the connection from the method of payment of the requesting user (the customer), unless he or she has enough credits to pay for the service.

If no payment method has been saved, the customer will be prompted to add one. Payments can be made via paypal or with any credit card. If the customer has a positive credit balance, generated from previously delivered services or from promotional credits, this will be used before any charge is applied. The payment to the service provider is stopped if the customer reports an abuse that needs investigating. The payment default method and the current balance of credits can be checked (and edited) from the left side menu.

When providing a service to another user for money, a credit balance will generate for the service provider. This can be withdrawn anytime from the “Payments and Credit” page in the left side menu. The money will be sent to the bank account set up by the service provider using the Stripe Connect link provided. The set up must be done only once.

Only the “earned” credits can be withdrawn for cash. The promotional credit can only be used inside the app.

8. Rating and Reviews

At the end of each connection, the user requesting the service is asked to give a star rating to the other user and to write an optional review. The reviews will appear next to any post that that user chooses to publish.
You can also “report abuse” if something did not go quite right and we will investigate the issue with you.